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AOA Membership Dues Rates

Start enjoying the benefits of AOA membership.

The following list includes annual rates available for NEW AOA members. Review your online membership application for full details. Note that all AOA memberships begin on June 1 and end the following May 31. Deadline for late payment of dues is Sept. 1.


Membership type Who it's for

Annual Regular​

​New member DOs in practice four years or more


Young Physician​: Year 1

​DOs in their first year of practice


​Young Physician: Year 2

​DOs ​​in their second year of pra​​ctice​


​Young Physician: Year 3

​DOs in their third year of practice


Military Physician​

​Regular members active in the U.S. military and DOs who work full time for the U.S. Public Health Service or the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs​


Interns, Residents and Fellows

To verify you are eligible for resident/postdoctoral training membership, contact the AOA Customer Resource Center at or by phone at (312) 202-8000 or (888) 62-MYAOA (888-626-9262).

​Membership type Who it's for ​Cost

​Resident/Postdoctoral ​​Training

​Full-time DO​ interns, residents and fellows

Retired Physicians

To qualify for this membership type, you must be completely retired from practice and not employed in any phase of professional activity.

​Membership type Who it's for Cost

R​​etired Membership​

​DOs who are completely retired ​$104


Membership type
Who it's for             Cost​
​Student Membership​

​Osteopathic med​ical students who attend an AOA-approved college of osteopathic medicine



To learn more about associate membership, please contact the AOA Customer Resource Center at or by phone at (312) 202-8000 or (888) 62-MYAOA (888-626-9262).

​Membership t​​ype ​​​Who it's for ​Cost
​Associate Membership

​Non-DOs who have a professional relationship with an AOA DO member and/or with AOA affiliates



 Reduced Rates


​Special reduced rates may be available if you are facing medical hardship (learn more) or financial hardship (learn more) or if you are currently enrolled full-time in a postdoctoral education program.