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Frequently Asked Questions: Obtaining AOA Recognition for ACGME Training

​Why would I get AOA recognition for my PGY1 year?

The West Virginia Board of Osteopathic Medicine requires an AOA-approved internship, but will accept an ACGME internship if the applicant also completes 40 hours of Category I-A CME in osteopathic medicine. Ten of the 40 hours required must be in Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment. Two states require an AOA rotating internship for licensure: Pennsylvania and Florida. Additionally, to enter an AOA approved residency program, you must have completed an AOA-approved internship.  

Does AOA recognition of my PGY1 year approve my ACGME program or training?

AOA recognition of the PGY1 year recognizes your training, not your program. Therefore, each individual is considered on his/her own merits aside from other trainees in the program. Each trainee must apply individually.

How do I determine my membership status?

To determine your membership status, you must contact the AOA Customer Resource Center by calling (888) 62-MYAOA (888-626-9262).

Does the letter from the program need to come from the program or me?

The letter must come from the program. An official copy is required and must be mailed to the AOA. The program director or director of medical education must sign the letter.

What type of educational conference can I attend?

You may attend any AOA-approved or sponsored convention, which can include state-sponsored conventions and category 1 CME sponsors.

What type of verification do I need if I attend a conference?

A certificate of attendance or letter from the conference sponsor must be provided to the AOA for any conferences you attend.​